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Feel free to play at home or on stage.

HXD III offers the best technology at an affordable price. It is perfect for beginner's and advanced drummers. It allows for full play dynamics and it's response is as close as can be to the acoustic set.The HXD III simulates 30 drum kits in a variety of musical styles, each of which can be freely edited and built on its own with over 380 sound samples. The pads are made of silent mesh tension technology. You will be able to practice at home with the music of your favorite artists by connecting your phone to the HXD III module and USB (PC) to use the voices of professional drum programs. 

Hear the difference in each hit.

Innovative Real Drum Sampling technology makes each beat different and unique and the set sounds more natural. The HXD III features 380 high-quality drum sounds reproduced in the new REAL DRUM technology. We have used high-end acoustic drum kits to record new sound bank and the new sampling technology lets you hear the difference in play dynamics like the acoustic set.

New sounds, sets and effects.

The HXD III supports a powerful processor that allows up to 64 samples to be reproduced simultaneously. More than 380 high-quality samples are stored in the memory that make up 35 finished drum sets. The module allows you to configure and save 5 custom sets. Sample editing and effects Reverb (0-16), Pitch (-8 to 8), Panorama (-8 to 8). 6 pad dynamics programs. 60 musical backgrounds. Recording and playing your own patterns. USB connection allows you to communicate with your computer without having to add additional drivers. Local mode (On / OFF) allows you to disconnect communication with the audio processor and transfer signals to the USB / MIDI port. The module can act as a controller and work with other MIDI devices. The device is in General Midi standard.

Take control.

Adjusting the tension of the drum head is easy and allows you to easily adjust the rebound of the stick to your own requirements. Unlike the previous version, we placed the sensors in the center of the drum head and increased the size of the pads to 10 inches, allowing for a more comfortable and natural play. Pads are made in mesh technology gives an almost identical rebound of the stick as in the case of acoustic drum drum head. The HXD Dynamic Volume Kit allows you to express your play very close to the acoustic set. Highly sensitive quadruple triggering system detects the most sensitive hits. Practice in the home without disturbing others in your surroundings, thanks to the use of grid tension the volume of the set has been further minimized. The new padded foot pad reacts the same way as the acoustic bass drum, and its new design maximizes vibration penetration into the floor. Experience full playing comfort by combining mesh pads and large 10 inch pads.

New Ride cymbal pad

This is a new two zones Ride cymbal with choke function, behaves like a acoustic ride cymbal.

Multi position Hi-Hat controller

This is yet another feature that allows you to bring the HXD kit to the acoustic drums as close as possible. The Hi-hat pedal allows you to get a hi-hat sound depending on the position of the foot. A quick impact on the pedal triggers play the sound of "splash".

Add tween pedal

Set allow mount everyone double bass pedals

     Set includes:

  • 1 x Drum module Black Hawk HXD III A
  • 1 x 10' two zone snare mesh pad with RIMSHOT
  • 3 x 10' tom mesh pads
  • 1 x kick pad
  • 1 x hi-hat control pedal
  • 1 x Crash pad with choke
  • 1 x two zone Ride pad
  • 1 x rack
  • 1 x hi-hat pad
  • 1 x kick pedal
  • 1 x connectors
  • 1 x AC adaptor
  • 1 x drum key
  • 1 x manual

Drum module spec:

  • 380 drum samples
  • 7 hi-hat combination
  • 35 factory drum set (+ 5 user set )
  •  Reverb (0-16) 
  • EQ
  • 60 presets song
  • LCD led screen
  • USB
  • Phone input
  • AUX IN (stereo), AUX Out (L / Mono, R)
  • MIDI in / out
  • Crash2 input

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